A Screenshot App
For Your Switch

A simpler, easier way to download and manage screenshots and video captures from your Nintendo Switch.

App screenshots

The Album Companion App the Switch Needed


No more long-pressing pictures and videos to save them individually - Switch Transfer Tool downloads all selected images and videos at once.


With Switch Transfer Tool, you only need to scan one QR code. Images and videos can be downloaded in a few seconds.


Images can be shared directly from Switch Transfer Tool or through your camera roll in other apps.


No ads, no hidden costs, and we don't collect or sell your data.

How Does It Work?


Open the Album on your Switch and choose an image or video to transfer


Press the Transfer button in the app and scan the QR code on your Switch screen


Press the connect button when prompted to allow your phone to connect to your console


Send your favourite moments to your friends using the built-in sharing feature


Switch Transfer Tool should be compatible with most modern devices running Android 10 or newer, though some have issues connecting to WiFi networks using QR codes. We've added a manual connection option so users with those devices can still use the app. If you experience issues connecting using the QR code scanner, try using manual mode.

For more information, check the FAQ


Latest Version: 1.0.6 (August 25, 2021)